About Me

Lucille YoungHi, I’m Lucille Young.

I’m the mother of two, wife to one, stealth shopper, discount finder, and product tester. I like to stay healthy, fit, active, and caring.

Read this magazine to learn how I juggle writing, supporting my children, enjoying life, and looking fabulous.

In addition to Living After 40, I’ve ghost written several best-selling books and created content for dozens of websites.

I’ve been blessed with two beautiful girls, Angelica and Gwyneth.

Everything went smoothly with my first daughter, Angelica. But when Gwyneth, my secone daughter, came along – she’s a real fireball; we have very similar personalities. We challenged each other from day one.

Angelica just went off to college and Gwyneth has mellowed out considerably. Oh, how I love them both!

They’re my inspiration – the reason I keep exploring, learning, and creating every day.

Please enjoy my magazine and let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to know about.