Designer Handbags Being Sold For Next To Nothing


Very few discount companies can make good on their claims, and even fewer can guarantee that you’ll have fun doing it. Every online shop tries to offer thrilling deals that will save cash.

Many are scooping them up from two brand new online auction websites called QuiBids and Beezid. This is the best way to sell all the must-have products for costs that are so jaw dropping, and well, the deals are still out there, you’ll find them hard to believe.

The product selection runs from Michael Kors handbags and accessories, to the newest Apple products — iPods, iPads, and MacBooks — to appliances, gift cards to top retailers, and considerably more.

Michael Kors Travel ToteRecently, a Brand New Michael Kors Leather Traveling Tote bag sold for $14.96

A new Apple iPad recently sold for $54.03

And a KitchenAid 7-Qt. Bowl Lift Stand Mixer lately sold for $31.85.

With such great costs, it is natural to be skeptical – so we did some research to learn exactly how they work.

All the deals happen to be real.

Here’s how it works: this auction model is different from conventional auctions. You’re charged just 60 cents every time you make an offer. The sum collected for all the bids enables the business to sell the merchandise at a cost that’s way below any retail cost you’ll find on the net.

While winning an auction is a tremendous thrill, strategizing over when to offer and how many bids to dedicate to a specific auction is also a ton of fun.

Every time a user bids, no more than 20 seconds is added to the auction clock, and the last individual to bid when the clock runs out claims the right to purchase the item at the discounted cost.

CEO Matt Beckham said that QuiBids is growing rapidly, with their number of customers now reaching into the millions. “This is a brand new type of shopping that attractiveness to a mass audience.”

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If you win, the cost of an item won at auction is a bit higher compared to the final auction price because of how much you spend bidding to win. But it’s generally very small, and even after bids, you’ll usually save around 75% off retail.

But what happens to all the individuals who make a bid in an auction but don’t win? They have a Buy Now option to buy the merchandise at the listed cost, minus the value of the bids they set. So provided that you are willing to finally buy the item at the site’s cost, participating in a auction is a no-loss proposition.

We recommend trying both Quibids and Beezid. They’re similar to use, but have different products that you’ll like.

Click here to see which accessories and products Quibids has available.

Click here to try Beezid for free as well.


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